Thank you for your donation!

Donations may be mailed to the church at:

                                                        69 Griswold Street, Hillsdale, MI 49242. 

All checks should be made out to Trinity Lutheran Church.

King's Kupboard Food Pantry

King's Kupboard Food Pantry
is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church that provides food to those in need in Hillsdale County. Your donation will help purchase shelf-stable food, meat, produce, from the South Michigan Food Bank and other local suppliers.

Trinity Lutheran Church​ General Fund

Donating to Trinity Lutheran Church General Fund helps the church day-to-day operation.

Other Funds &

Multi-Fund Offerings

You may also donate to other funds and causes.

Please leave a note with your donation to designate your offering to specific funds.

You may designate to:

  • TLC Building Fund
  • TLC Memorial Fund
  • Marafiki AIDS Orphanage
  • ELCA World Hunger
  • God's Global Barnyard (Arks)
  • Altar Flowers
  • Seasonal Flowers
  • Festival Worship (Christmas, etc.)
  • Other (please describe)